Tuesday, 3 July 2007

The Love of my Life

I couldn't leave this on the other blog coz I'd miss it, lol...
I wrote this poem for my wonderful other half. I met him in Yahoo chat over 8 years ago, and he's wonderful. He's 11 years my junior, and I feel very lucky to have him with me...

If I had to live without you
It would truly break my heart
You are what makes life special
And I pray we never part

I wake up every morning
And you're lying next to me
Another day's beginning
For our shared lifes memories

Thank you for the good times
That we have spent together
May our love always be strong and true
And keep us safe, forever...

When you look deeply in my eyes
I hope you see the love
And realise I mean what I've said
In all of the above...

I'd like to thank you one more time
For sharing each days debut
Just one more thing I have to say
And that is... "I love you"...

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