Tuesday, 3 July 2007

Our weather is in the Azores???

It is according to Yahoo News. We've had flooding and high winds here all this month. I've just turned the computer back on after the second thunderstorm of today! Where's global warming when you need it?!
While the computer was off I stitched a little bit more of the teddy bear that Matthew wanted me to stitch for him.
It's Matthew's school sports day tomorrow and he doesn't want to do it, neither would I in this weather.
My mouth hurts. I've been to the dentist three times in the last month. I've got to go to the hospital to have one of my wisdom teeth out - that should be fun!
I'm also well into Big Brother here at the moment. Charley is doing my head in, she is soooo obnoxious. I don't know who I want to win this one.
I've not done any scrapbooking for about a month, and I owe my friend, Paula, a swap card, which I shall try my hardest to get sent to her before the end of this week. Fingers crossed Paula!

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