Wednesday, 4 July 2007

Things I need to get done.

Sleep, I'm SO tired.
I also need to make Paula's swap card, make a different folded card for July's card swap on my card group, make 3 Fairy ATC's, make two seaside ATC's and two pink ATC's. I also need to make some Christmas scrapbook pages and cards with a kit that I got sent from America, so that they can be uploaded to a shop site. I'm so behind with things and the more behind I get, the harder it is to snap out of it and get on with things.
I'm also making Matthew a cross stitched teddy bear. I'm ALSO making another white crocheted blanket. The biggest thing I'm making is a mess!! HAHAHAHAHA!

Justin is fiddling around with the camcorder. He's bought a cleaning tape thingy. The last time I used it, at Woburn Safari, it came up on screen do not use until this camera has been reset! Of course it was all my fault, lol.
I hope this time when we go to Disneyland that the tape doesn't go wrong and never play again like it did last time. Then we changed the tape that evening, only to forget to charge the camcorder over night, lol... we were not impressed. We only got half an hour of footage, and half of that was in the dark! Justin had filmed us on the train going round the park at night...

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