Wednesday, 4 July 2007

Don't you just hate waiting for deliveries??

I was expecting a delivery yesterday, I'd paid for it to be delivered yesterday, but it turned up today, incomplete!!!! My new pink boots were missing, and so was Matthew's new Parka coat I'd ordered him for the winter, I am not happy!

Matthew's sports day was postponed today until the 18th July. The field was slightly water logged so couldn't take place, and Matthew was actually looking forward to taking part saying he was going to do the best for his team.

Well I've got a million and one things to do today. I have to send off three ATC's to that swapbot place, get the dogs pills from Boots chemist, buy a crochet hook, and some jelly. I don't have enough time for everything to get done by the time we go away... looks like Paula's card will be mega late...

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  1. Im the last person to worry about cards being late!! lol

    Loving your blog!!


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