Thursday, 19 July 2007

Crafty Day

Today has been fairly uneventful apart from finally making Paula's card!!!WOOOHOOOOO! I also made a card for our dear friend Chris D as well. I also posted off four ATC's to two different ladies in America - better not upload any of these pics till they've been received!
Paula's card also went in the post this afternoon, yes the glitter had dried Paula... I'm so organised today!!
Next week I need to get on with some scrapbooking for the American lady that sent me the stuff to do some pages with. I'm hoping Matthew will let me get on with it as he's on holiday from school.

It's been a lovely sunny warm/hot day today, but yet more rain is forecast for tonight till Saturday night. It seems to have rained everyday for the last month or so. The whole world is having strange weather.

My teeth are still giving me pain. My dentist says I should use some sensodyne toothpaste. I have bought some today... but surely having sensitive teeth doesn't mean constant pain??!

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