Saturday, 8 December 2007

What a Friday!

Lol, it was nothing amazing really, but it was hectic.
I spent the morning with Matthew's class for their "Great Fire of London" day. We had coffee first in the staff room, so that was a good start. We then went into the hall and had a brief chat about the historic event. I then had to sit at one of the tables and let some children brush through some soil to find some buried artifacts, and by pure chance, Matthew was in my group. I also had my friend from works son, Micko. They had great fun finding the things, and our things showed us that our family were Seamstresses and lived at Upper ...... hmm, Upper somewhere, lol, I've forgotten now.
After that we had some photos and a letter to read through, then it was break time. Then it was filling out an evidence sheet and finding our street on a large map. Back to the classroom for a "courtroom" session, then it was lunchtime and I left to come home. Matthew had had a great time.
I came home and had egg on toast and a cup of tea. The council then delivered us another recycling wheelie bin coz we get a lot of recycled rubbish, and hardly any "black bin" rubbish. I went out and wheeled that round the back into the back garden, came inside, then got in the bath and had a long soak... mmmmmmm.
Picked up Matthew from school, then I had half an hour asleep on the settee, before going upstairs and crimping my hair - I was going for an eighties throwback kind of look. I put glitter in my hair as well. Darryl and Abby came back from Cambridge after Christmas shopping.
Justin home a little bit earlier than usual, so I dished up the dinner and then after a cuppa, went upstairs and put my face on.
Merce, Micko's mum from work, came round about 7.10 and Cheryl and her dad picked us up at 7.20 and off we went. It was a great night, there was 14 of us. Me and Cheryl had a mixed grill, but it wasn't very hot and the mushrooms were cold, Cheryl's sausage wasn't even cooked!! Followed by Raspberry Brulee. We'd paid £10 deposit a few weeks back, and my meal totalled around £17, but when they were working out who had to pay more money I was told I didn't have to pay anymore!! So that was a cheap night out, lol.
I was drinking Malibu and lemonade - gorrrrgeous!
We had such a laugh, it was a great night. I walked home at 10.40 with Merce, she only lives in the next street to me and it only took about 10 minutes. I was tired and so full up. When we went to bed after an episode of Bottom on DVD I couldn't sleep coz I was so uncomfortable after all that food!

(Niki just got kicked off of X Factor!!!!!!!! Thought it would be Same Difference finally...)

Today I've been to work and Justin's dad and step mum came over and brought the Christmas presents for us, and spent the day here - they travelled from North Devon yesterday. They were playing on the Wii when I got home and having a good laugh. They left at 5pm as they were going to see Joan's grandson in London overnight.

I don't suppose I will be late for bed tonight, I'm tired now!

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