Thursday, 27 December 2007

Christmas and the days after.

On Christmas Eve we finally got to bed at about 1am, that's not bad considering past Christmas Eve's. We had to wait for Darryl to get in before putting the little presents in Matthew's bedroom and his little reindeer stocking. Didn't want him waking up with Darryl moving around.
Matthew came in our room in the morning just before 5am. He was so excited telling us that Father Christmas has been and there were lots of presents under the tree and on the chair downstairs. He also told us that he'd got a few presents in his bedroom, so we let him open those in his bedroom and told him we'd get up at 6am. Hmmm... lol. He came back in to show us what he'd got, then he went and woke Darryl up. We didn't get back to sleep and we also didn't go down until 6am either.
Set the video camera rolling and Justin made the tea, then we set about opening the presents.
Matthew got lots of Doctor Who stuff, Lego Firestation, Transformers Scalextric, and another ton of things. Darryl got a great limited edition James Bond car set in a metal case, a Blade Runner collectors edition thingy, and more. They got loads. Justin liked all his presents, he got lots of Heroes stuff, he was surprised that I'd bought him a new pair of Levi jeans! I got On the Buses DVD set, complete series, a Disney scrapbook for all our Disney photos to be scrapped, a Tinkerbell and the Disneyland castle in a 3D laser glass cube. I got 2 cd's - Dreamboats and Petticoats, and James Blunt's All the Lost Souls. From Justin's dad and step mum I got a fantastic bracelet. I'd commented way back in April when we went to Woburn Safari park how much I loved her bracelet. Joan (step mum) had told me that it was a Trollbead bracelet and a week or so later sent me a link to see them online. I'd sent a text back to say that it was a little out of my price range, not knowing that that would make her get one for me for Christmas. You can see them here - Trollbeads I think what had put me off was how expensive it is just to get started. Anyway, started I am now, and Justin will get a request from me for birthdays, lol. I have ordered two today from Ebay, from mememeaccessories. A pink ribbon glass bead, and a silver J bead.
Anyway... back to Christmas Day!!
Dad came and got us at 11.30am and there was Santa's Magic Key hanging off the door handle, Matthew thought he was still in there, lol. Presents included my new pyjamas and dressing gown, a scrapbook... Matthew got more Doctor Who things amongst other things, and Darryl got his Casino Royale Poker set in case etc, Justin his dvd's he wanted. Dad had left two presents upstairs by mistake, he'd totally forgotten about them - a DJ mixer music thingy, and a lego vehicle set. Dad liked his presents which included a Coast from the air book, and The Two Ronnies Christmas specials.
Dinner was at about 3pm, it was lovely, and I nearly managed to eat it all. Matthew didn't eat much, he rarely does! Justin almost finished his too, which was good as he'd had a bad stomach all day. Darryl ate all of his, I really don't know where he puts it all.
We washed up straight away after dinner otherwise we'd have fallen asleep. We only nodded on and off in the afternoon, and played with Matthew's toys.
We stayed until 6.30 - dad was glad to see the back of us, lol, no only joking!!! We left coz of Doctor Who being on at 6.50pm. We'd had a good day at dads, thanks dad!!
We watched Doc Who, then the earlier edition of EastEnders followed by the later one, then Coronation Street - you have to watch the soaps at Christmas. EastEnders was brilliant, Corrie...well... it was ok.
Matthew was tired and went to bed about 10.30 with his new cuddly hot water bottle and his new Doctor Who pyjamas with his name on. I can't remember what we done after that, but I'm sure we were in bed an hour later.

Boxing Day.
We got up around 8.30am. Had a cup of tea and all went into town about 10.30 as we'd all got £20 to spend. Matthew got stroppy coz of not being able to find anything at first. I decided that I was going to buy a Trollbead with mine, Darryl didn't spend his either but did later on when he went to his dad's. Justin bought 3 budget games for a tenner for the pc, one being Lemmings Revolutions. Matthew ended up buying the Harry Potter figures, a Transformers annual, and something else that I can't think of at the moment... he had £25 to spend.
Darryl went out to his dad's in the afternoon. We just lounged around. Justin had a bath and used his new floating duck radio lol. I think I had a sleep on the settee while he was in the bath. Later we played with the Transformers Scalextric and Justin made a start later on the firestation lego. Justin also made the Tardis for Matthew out of his magnetix set.
Darryl came home at 8pm and had a bath. Watched EastEnders and Corrie again and we also had "The Old Curiosity Shop" on. Matthew went to bed at 10pm. We went to bed at 11.30pm.

Justin and Darryl back to work today - it always seems to make Christmas come to an abrupt end then. Me and Matthew went into town and I got bargain washing up liquid coz it was in Mulberry Spice scent, should have been two for £1.40 but they were 42p each!! Bargain! I also got some new potatoes and paid money into bank accounts. We came back home and Matthew is watching last Christmas Day's Doctor Who, lol.
I'm listening to James Blunt on my laptop with my headphones on. I do love a bit of James Blunt. My favourite track is Carry You Home, closely followed by I Can't Hear the Music... I also like 1973, Same Mistake, Give Me Some Love, and Annie. I like this album but not as much as his first album... maybe the other tracks will grow on me.
I then listened to Dreamboats and Petticoats, was bopping away sitting here, lol. What a great name for an album!

Below are some photos of our Christmas...

First glimpse!

Playing "Don't Wake Dad".


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