Friday, 21 December 2007

Final shop... now complete, thank goodness!! It took us, me, Justin, Matthew, and dad, an hour and a half to get round Tesco's this morning. I didn't manage to get my Bailey's substitute drink, so after town I had to go to Iceland and buy another version. Dad lost the cards he was going to give us, but found them outside the garage when he got home, lol.
Me and Justin have now changed our homepages on our laptops to igoogle, love it! So now that looks all Christmassy.
Matthew's been playing on the Wii and Darryl's just gone back to work for the afternoon. Darryl and Abby are going to finish his wrapping up later, and he's still got Abby's pink DS to wrap up, and the game and case etc.
We're sitting her eating Maltesers - Iceland are selling them for £1 a box.
LOL! Just thought... last night Justin thought the cat was dead, lol. I shouldn't laugh, but it was so funny. The cat was in a deep sleep upside down by the coffee table. Justin thought she'd just died as he couldn't wake her up, even after wriggling her nose. I thought, awww, well at least she died peacefully and in the warm, lol. Then she woke up and gave him a dirty look. So funny. She is getting old now, she's 16, but I'm glad she was ok really.

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