Monday, 10 December 2007

Well... my wrist has improved... but...

Now my left big toe hurts! It feels a bit like the start of gout, lol. I had gout several years ago after Christmas, apparently it could have been the odd glass of wine I'd had and all the strawberry flavoured things to eat. My toe is quite painful, but not like it is with gout. I couldn't bear even a draft touching the toe then.
I've written out some Christmas cards tonight. I've only made a dozen handmade cards this year, the rest are shop bought. I must get more crafting done next year. I think Father Christmas is bringing me a Disney scrapbook so that I can do both our trips to see Mickey.
I bought a couple more bits and pieces today, didn't spend much, just the odd little thing I still needed. I had to post a cd today as well, and the queue was enormous! It took me about half an hour to reach the front of it. I also bought the Christmas edition of the Radio Times. We had a flick though it tonight and picked out some programmes which are "must see's"
Matthew is in bed but his right eye is slightly swollen. He kept on getting out of bed saying it hurt, so I went up and took one of my mum's rings off and did the magic gold ring thing, lol, he said it felt better afterwards, and we haven't heard anything from him now for about 20 minutes. I know that if I start to get a stye then I do this gold ring on the eyelid thing and it doesn't get any worse.
Tomorrow is another walk into town and post a parcel for Justin, and I realised tonight that I no longer have a yorkshire pudding tin!!! I chucked it out this year and replaced it with a bigger pud tin... well I now need the other size for mince pies I need to make, lol.
Bed soon... and I'll play Jewel Quest on the DS for half an hour.

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