Monday, 24 December 2007

I'm already worn out!

Sigh........... Matthew has worn us out!! He has been on the go yakking all day long. We finally got him to bed at 10pm, I bet he's still not asleep though.
We had our buffet tonight, and below are just three pics that Darryl took of us. I'm still full up, and we had "Fab" icecream later as well, and I've had two malibu's!! Darryl went out when his friend Fran called for him, he is supposedly going to be home at midnight. He better be! It's very strange coz Darryl has only just this year started going out with his mates, and now he's out most nights.
Ok well, have a Happy Christmas, and I'll probably write again on Boxing Day.

I really can't remember why I was laughing, lol.

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