Sunday, 2 December 2007

So December is here...

My tree is up, and it's lovely!!!
Darryl and Matthew put their trees up in their bedrooms on Friday night and it's looks so cosy up there now. Matthew also has a big Father Christmas door curtain that you have to walk through his beard to get into his room. Love it!
We put the main tree up last night and it looks lovely. I feel all Christmassy coz I have UKGold on the telly, and it's TV's greatest Christmas moments - which, I probably watched last year, but my memory is so bad now I can't remember anyway, lol.
I've had my wrist in a strap all day as it's slightly swollen and been hurting for a week. I've taken it off now as it was irritating, plus I had to wash up the Sunday roast things.
Dad performed at a concert last night where Alan Titchmarsh and Pam Ayres also "starred". Pam recited a poem that wasn't one of hers, but dad said it was just as funny. I do love Pam Ayres!! It was also attended by Norma and John Major!
Darryl is at the cinema, don't know what he's gone to see though.
We should be getting a Wii delivered tomorrow. Justin has been watching a site, I don't know what site, but it was one that kept an eye on various shops that had one in stock, and also the last time they had one in stock. He finally ordered it on Thursday. He actually bought one last Christmas that we had fun playing bowling on, then sold it!!! He keeps doing that, lol, it wouldn't surprise me if he didn't have another xbox 360 next week.
I saw Cheryl's hair this weekend. It is lovely! It's the first time in her life that she's had any colour put in it.
Well... Matthew is now out of the bath, so I better put the kettle on.

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