Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Nice 'n' cosy.

That's what it's like here at the moment with the tree lights on, the candle in the window, and the garland lit up on the unit.
Last night we had several games of bowling, I got slightly better as the night went on, but Justin kept on winning overall... but I was better than Darryl, but only just. Matthew can play quite well, and he also had fun playing baseball and boxing.
Today I had a friend round to look at my scrapbooks - she was impressed and wants me to help her with getting started after Christmas. I shall be jealous of her spending lots of money buying all new scrap stuff though, lol.
I had the music channels on Sky this afternoon, singing along to their Christmas songs. I was listening to Noddy Holder's top 50 Christmas songs... one of which I shall upload in a few minutes. I also ordered a couple of things online today... an epilator (that should be enormous fun to use!!!), a crimper/tong/curler set thingy, and a new top. Hopefully they'll all arrive by Friday for my night out.
Friday morning I have to dress up for Matthew's school. They're having a Great Fire of London day, I said I'd help out in the morning.
Tonights dinner is going to be a homemade sausage plait (Thanks to Ally for telling me how to make one of those), it's sausage meat and apple sauce in pastry, with roast potatoes, runner beans, carrots, yorkshire puds, and gravy, YUM! I can taste it already.

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