Thursday, 6 December 2007

Busy few days!

I've still got the mini book to finish, and tonight I need to cut Matthew's hair. I need to find his posh white shirt for tomorrow too... I'll get Justin on the hunt for that one.
Matthew brought Henrietta the cuddly Rhino home today for being good at school. I shall take some pics later tonight.
I'm out with some girls from work tomorrow night, we're going out for a meal, then they're going on a pub crawl, which I think I'll give a miss - work the following morning!!!

Cambridge United on the telly again... and they're one down...
I have finished my mini book and taken photos of it and I will upload the photos in a few days, probably Monday.
Oh!!! I got the epilator today, a Braun Xelle something or other. I was very brave and had a go on my legs today, and I can honestly say it's not as bad as I thought it would be. It feels like little pin pricks or scratches. The hairs need to be about 3mm, long ones do hurt more, and so does round the ankles. I did one leg, then crimped my hair, lol - I'm a throw back from the eighties, then did the other leg. My hair looked really good and I had an Alice band on to keep it back. Mum's at the school commented on my hair, but by the time I'd got home, because the air was so moist with rain, I'd only got a crimped fringe left!!

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