Monday, 24 December 2007

Christmas Eve...

Well it's finally here, and Matthew is SO excited!! He's been a good boy today so far, a small strop every now and again, but mostly ok.
Justin's been home from work or an hour now, and having a shave. He brought home, wine, whiskey, and sweets from work. Darryl is working until 6.30 and then he is going to the pub with his workmates at 8pm.
We shall be cooking our buffet food soon. We always have a buffet on Christmas Eve, it's lovely.
Matthew had a bath this morning, said he didn't want Father Christmas to think he was smelly, lol. I washed my hair and straightened it earlier.
I've taken a couple of pics, and filmed a bit on the video camera, I'll do more later.
Two parcels finally arrived this morning, one of Darryl's Christmas presents from us, and Matthew's birthday present (his birthday is in three weeks!)
Right, I can hear Justin coming down the stairs, so time to go and start the cooking I think.

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