Thursday, 13 December 2007


I must remember to take the camera in the mornings when I take Matthew to school, it's so frosty! It looks like everything has been sprinkled with crystal glitter and the sunlight through the trees was casting massive long shadows... bet it's cloudy tonight so no frost, lol.
I spent most of the day wrapping up presents for friends - I had about 25 to wrap, and it took me about 2 hours.
I had to buy a replacement set of lights for my garland as they conked out last night, so instead of white lights I've now got coloured ones on that, and it looks much nicer. I saw Darryl collecting the trolley's in Sainsbury's car park, his hands were freezing so I went and bought him a new pair of thick gloves and some money for a cup of tea, lol. He earns more money than me but I'm always helping him out, lol. He was pleased with the gloves.

Yesterday Darryl went with Abby to meet her grandparents, and after me and dad picked up Matthew from school, we came back here to pick Darryl and Abby up and they both came to dad's as well. We had a lovely roast dinner, mmmmmm, lovely. Dad had also put his tree up and it looked very nice, well done dad!
We went home around 7pm and at 8.15, me, Justin, and Matthew made a joint effort and made some mince pies. I rolled out the pastry and cut the bases, Justin greased the tin and layed the bottoms in the tin plus added the mincemeat, and Matthew cut out the tops with a star cutter. (For those who don't know, mincemeat is like a fruit mix, raisins, currants, in a syrupy sauce). We sprinkled some sugar on the top and put them in the oven. We made 22 altogether and had some hot when they were cooked.

The pictures below are of the second mini book I've created. This one has already gone to Justin's mum. I enjoyed making it. I especially love the page where Matthew has written the things he likes and I made it open up like an envelope. Click on each image to get a much better view.

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