Wednesday, 19 December 2007

I'm a Pro!

At bowling on the Wii! So my bowling ball is now quite pretty, lol. Matthew has gone to bed early because he was very stroppy tonight. I'm watching an old Celebrity Wife Swap with Paul Daniels and Vanessa thingy.
Darryl is on his way back from Thursford with grandad. They had a nice day, and spent some of this evening in a hotel eating a Christmas dinner.
I went into town this morning to get Darryl's present for his dads wife - it's a desk lamp. Flourescent! I also got a couple of glue tape rollers for me and then came home.
It was "toy day" at school today and Matthew took his King Kong roaring gorilla, his Doctor Who figure, a remote control little K-9, and two little daleks.
When it was introduction day when Matthew started school in 2005, he met a little boy called Zach. They played together all that afternoon, and me and his mum chatted and got on well too. Well today Zach left. His mum has taken him out of the school because it wasn't giving him what he needs. Matthew was ok about it today, but when I originally told him he cried... all part of growing up I suppose.
I made a card today for a change, lol. I think it was because it wasn't a Christmas card, it was a tea bag folded card for my card group, CardScraps, next months swap.
Darryl has just sent me a text to say they're at Bar Hill and on their way home and that the temperature is minus one degrees celcius.
Justin is making another blog, this time it's about Lemmings, his favourite game of all time I think. I'll have to link it on the right hand side.

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