Wednesday, 5 December 2007


It was raining today, and Matthew walked to school in his santa hat. I had to go to the sorting office afterwards to pick up a parcel that I missed yesterday.
Today Darryl and Abby went to my dads for dinner, they had a nice time, and Abby came back with chocolate fudge cake my dad had bought for her! I shall have to have words, lol.
We all played on the Wii at night, bowling. It was only Abby's second go on it tonight and she beat all of us, and got the highest score!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tomorrow I need to finish the mini book for Justin's mum, as his dad will be here on Saturday. I've got to watch the final episode of BBC HD of Heroes in a minute. It was apparently on the Sci-Fi channel, but it didn't get many viewers. It's done really well on the BBC and will show the second series when it comes out.
I really fancy some chocolate... we've got ten tons of it upstairs for Christmas!

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