Sunday, 9 December 2007

Good evening.

And what a fine evening it is too. I do love my Sunday evenings - a whole week off work to look forward to!!
Today in A & E it was nice and quiet, so I had an easy day. I had a laugh with Cheryl and a brief chat with Ally.
I fell asleep not long after dad left after our Sunday roast dinner that Justin cooked for us for about 45 minutes, then we half watched The Royal Variety Performance; I only wanted to see James Blunt!!
I've been playing a game on my mobile for a couple of weeks now - JewelQuest 2 and Justin downloaded it tonight for us to play on our Nintendo DS's so we've been playing that - Justin still is!!
I got a funny email from my Uncle Dave up in sunny Doncaster tonight, he does make me laugh. Hello Uncle D if you're reading this jibberish.
It's nearly time for bed, so I better go and search for a Chrimbo song for tonight's entry.

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