Thursday, 20 December 2007

Got some cheeses today!!

Yep, we went and bought the Christmas cheese selection today, lol. It's all fun here I can tell you. Oh, and a 6 pack of loo rolls, you get two free in the pack, and I'm always on the hunt for a bargain. Matthew got his Doctor Who mag, great value magazine - £3 and always 2 - 3 good "free" gifts as well. Bad news is, it's going weekly in the New Year!
Justin got my Christmas cards and when we got home Matthew wrote in his "Mum" one and it's lovely, and Justin wrote in his card and it has really nice words in it, and what he wrote was lovely too, awwwww...
We then played on the Wii again when we got home, after bacon sarnies. I'm still a Pro, and now so is Justin, then Matthew when he played on his own a little later.
We're going to make mince pies again later this evening, and it's sausage and mash for dinner tonight. Tomorrow we're doing the remainder of our Christmas shopping in Tesco's with dad.
I had an email from my Uncle Dave and Auntie Jill. They remembered when I got the little pink mouse and it was 34 years ago as my cousin, David, was in his buggy, and he's 36 now.

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