Sunday, 30 September 2007

Sunday Evening.

MMmmmm, Sunday evening, lovely...
News so far... Ally had computer problems around Thursday evening, I think it was her ISP that had the problems, not her computer. Ally told me that she'd had to have a cortisone injection in her thumb today and screamed the place down. Ally has had her arm in a strap thing for ages, and it should have been diagnosed with Arthritis about a year ago.

Justin got up at 6am with me yesterday, to watch the qualifying laps of the Grand Prix in Japan, and then today he got up at 5.50am to watch the race. I got up at 6am this morning and got into the race myself. I didn't want to go to work, but I did.
Justin texted me later in the morning to say that Matthew had been sick and was asleep - he was sick a further 2 times.
I had a good laugh with Cheryl today. We had our weigh in, I stayed the same, and Cheryl had put on 3lbs LOL! I installed Vista on Carol's laptop during my lunch break. I doubt the computer will see the light of day again, no one helps her with it at home, and no one wants to connect it to her partners modem via a router either...
When I got home from work, Justin had pulled a muscle at the top of his back/neck so was having trouble moving. Looks like I'll have everyone at home here tomorrow, plus Abby is coming over at 11.30am as well.

Yesterday after I'd been home from work for about an hour, I went to Sainsbury's for Justin. I got Halo 3 for him on xbox and some dry roasted peanuts, doritos, and coke. It was me that went instead of Justin because I could use the discount card so he got 10% off.
Don't know if he'll play it tonight now that he's hurt his neck. Matthew's moaning every now and again coz of his stomach hurting.

Well it's lovely to be home, knowing I've got a full week off work now, lol.

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