Wednesday, 12 September 2007

Well, I'm amazed really...

My dad has gone and bought himself a laptop! He is being connected to the internet via BT (maybe he should have gone with virgin like we are...) and should be online sometime next week, providing Justin gets all the set up correct.
Dad seems to be doing tons of things I never thought he would. He has had a holiday to Scotland last year, and stayed in Inversnaid hotel on the banks of Loch Lomond, he's off to the Italian Riviera next month, and Ireland next year!!

I just got back from town. I got to the hole in the wall and realised that I'd not got my card with me to get any money out! I'd taken my nectar card and Darryl's Sainsbury's discount card instead, lol. Plus I was yakking to dad on the phone for ages talking about him ordering Virgin Media Broadband instead. So he's on the phone to them as I type.

Well, dad has phoned me back. He is having Virgin Media fit him with a phone, broadband, and free tv for a tenner a month on Friday!!! They are also phoning BT for him to cancel his broadband order and his current phone... amazing!

We've been to dads today. I helped get the laptop sorted out for him. Vista took ages to start for the first time, but when it did, I was impressed. He got Microsoft Works 8.5 with the computer, so I installed that along with his digital camera software, and I transferred his photos for him. I love dads laptop! It's gorgeous!! Gorgeous glossy widescreen... I'm SO jealous!!
I'm trying SO hard not to order a new laptop from my catalogue... they sent me a buy now pay next August code, lol... someone tie my hands up so I can't type!! I must have some willpower somewhere, but I can't find it... but I must. I just have to wait a year then buy another one... there, that's it, I'll wait a year... sigh...

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