Monday, 10 September 2007

Bit Blowy... more ways than one, but I'll get to that in a bit, lol.

And here is Monday again, the weeks seem to fly by faster, the older you get.
Work yesterday was a laugh (just got text from Justin...awww, he's so lovely... and I'm so soppy, lol). Anyway, yes, it was a laugh at work yesterday, me and Cheryl do like a laugh, it's good to laugh!
Cheryl was only slightly hungover today, and we began walking up the ramp onto the top floor of the hospital and a new bloke, Glen, was heading for the "Mens". He stood there with the door open and Cheryl stopped, lifted up one leg and passed wind! (That was the blowy bit) I couldn't believe it!!! I was so embarressed!!! But it was funny all the same... she is always louder in all ways when she's recovering from the night before.
We had our weigh in as well today... Cheryl lost 4lbs, and I put on half a pound, lol... I think that might have something to do with treacle tart and the odd Mars bar this week.
Went to see Ally on her ward and also chatted to Sylvia, another nurse who used to work on the same ward as me and Ally before it closed. Sylv had come into A & E the day before with angina.

This week, I really need to get all the ATC's done and posted, I also need to make a couple of things to go in with the Beatrix Potter ones, but can't think what yet.

On Friday, Matthew brought home Tommy. Tommy is a tiger/teddy that you can have stay over your house for the night if you've been good at school. We got Tommy for the weekend. You also have to either draw pictures of Tommy doing things, or take photo's, so here's the two that we took. Tommy had strawberries in the garden, and met two toy doggies of Matthew's, oh, and the real one, Abby, as well. We took him back to school this morning.

Last night after Matthew was in bed and Justin had had his shave, we watched Hell's Kitchen, and then episode 8 of Heroes, we still have 9 recorded on our Sky box to watch tonight, then it will be episode 10 on BBC HD tomorrow night.

Justin is very cuddly lately, mmmmmmmmmmmm....

Oh, and Justin got Matthew's new school trousers yesterday, and they cost exactly a fiver!!! I wish I could find that bird again.

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