Thursday, 13 September 2007

Worn out!

Dad phoned me today. I thought he might do, lol. He told me he'd got some ink for his printer, and the printer cable (old cable didn't fit new computer). So I asked if he needed me to help him install the printer...
When Darryl got back from town with burger and chips, I phoned dad and said he could pick us up. He got us around 15 minutes later. I had a good fiddle with the printer, installed new ink, installed the printer on the laptop and it didn't work... it went through the motions, but nothing... so dad decided to buy a new printer, so off we went to Argos at 2pm and bought the Canon Pixma 460 (I have the 600 coz it prints onto cd's), dads ink is nice and cheap too! Took the printer back to dads, then after ten minutes rest we left to get Matthew, then back to dads again... It took around 30 minutes to get the new printer installed and working, and dad was very happy with it. It is a nice printer. Dad also managed to print something, and I showed him how to photocopy with it... dunno how much sunk in though!!

I received these atc's from a lady called Tealasquealer on Swap Bot.

I made these ones for a men swap, I'm not over the moon about them, but I was brain dead this week when it came to ATC's.

In the evening my mobile rang... it was dad, lol. It was coming up on his screen that it was locked. I told dad what to do, but it didn't work so he brought the computer over to us... I'd also left Matthew's Dr Who lunch bag and his book bag in the boot of dad's car, so Matthew got that back tonight as well, after having a major strop about it earlier.
Anyway... We opened up dad's computer and he'd left it switched on!!!! Window's Vista is very confusing for someone not used to using a touch pad. We'd worked out that the "lock" function is very close to the shut down area, so we sorted that out. There was also a program that Windows didn't want to run and kept on and on informing us, despite us telling it not to. I finally changed the start menu to the normal look and typed in msconfig in the run bar. I changed a few settings and fixed the problem. Dad then had a game of Solitaire on it and we decided that he needs to buy a mouse instead of using the touch pad.
Dad left around 9pm and Matthew went off to bed. Justin and me watched Hell's Kitchen and I was glad that Anneka left for her own sanity. That Matt on there was nasty!!

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