Saturday, 15 September 2007

Darryl's phone!

Darryl LEFT his phone on the train!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I couldn't believe it!!! So I phoned 3 up and got the sim locked and the phone, and they're sending out another one and a new sim card. THEN, dad had been trying to phone me, so had ex hubby (Darryl's dad) but my phone was charging upstairs. Anyway, phoned him up and apparently a bloke had picked up Darryl's phone and took it home then phoned Paul (ex) up to tell him he'd found it and would send it on to us on Monday. I hope he didn't sift through Darryl's text messages - I've read a couple of those myself, LOL! Never again!

Other news, lol.
Dad sent me an email today, and has been surfing the internet tonight... well the Yahoo search page anyway, but it's giving him touch pad and clicking practise, and he's doing well.
Work was ok, Cheryl hungover a little bit but will be worse tomorrow. Had a chat with Ally, she'd got four canvas flower prints on Ebay for 99p! Her bargain of the week.
We had some of Abby's birthday cake, it was yummy.

Justin is still on the phone to Robert... he's been on there for the last 40 minutes. He's going to Disneyland Paris and wanted some information. I'm hoping they're going to shut up soon coz I want to watch Hell's Kitchen that's now being recorded. They keep saying bye, then start chatting about something else... bit like women really.

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