Thursday, 27 September 2007

Chilly mornings...

...have arrived, and chilly nights for that matter. Last night Justin had put the crocheted double blanket that I'd made three or four years ago back on the bed. It was lovely and snuggly in bed.
Me and Justin both have Nintendo DS's. We bought special cards for them so we can download all the games - naughty I know, lol. Anyway, last night in bed we were playing Scrabble together, and I won! So that's 2 - 0 to me at the moment.

We had a lovely roast dinner at dads last night. I helped dad out with printing a letter, which he managed successfully later on when we'd gone home. I also sorted out some rings for my Auntie Jill, cousin Tracey, and Auntie Pat. The rings were my mums. I'd already had three for myself, and I'd chosen another three for me yesterday as well.

Last night Darryl went to the cinema. Justin was watching something about the Titanic when we got back from dads at first. Later, after Matthew went to bed, we watched Heroes on BBC HD. Then it was bedtime.

Today it's cold. Matthew had his gloves on this morning. Justin didn't leave for work until 8.15, I think he'd rather of stayed here today lol. Matthew scooted to school, and then I scooted across the playground with Sean's mum after the kids had gone in. Came home, had coffee and toast and checked emails... and this is where I'm about up to. Jeremy Kyle is on the telly, but I'm going to watch the second part of Torn which I recorded last night.

Justin just emailed me, always makes me smile.
I went into town this morning and got some more milk and mince pies!! I also got some Pantene Smooth and Sleek shampoo/conditioner from Boots and used my Advantage card to pay for it.
I think I'm going to have a crisp sandwich.............

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