Thursday, 20 September 2007


I've been to the dentist at the hospital today to have the tooth removed that my dentist had referred me to the hospital for last time (she removed the painful one instead last month). I now feel like I've got lockjaw and just had to squash a banana through my lips coz I was starving and I can't open my mouth properly, lol. The dentist injected right into the nerve, she says it doesn't happen too often and if you try to get the nerve you'd never get it. It was like an electric shock that ran along my bottom jaw and stopped in the middle of my front teeth. The dentist and her assistant thought it was hilarious... which I suppose it was in a sadistic sort of way. I was laughing, but I was feeling slightly hyper by this time lol. It had certainly livened me up anyway.

I'm listening to Ocean radio station on my gadget thingy. LOVING this laptop.

I might have to buy chocolate later, simply because it would melt in my mouth and not need chewing... I can't be fading away.

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