Wednesday, 19 September 2007

It's here!!

My laptop turned up at 8.45am today. Darryl took it, he said he would have phoned me, but he doesn't have a phone, LOL! That's coming today as well.
Ally has emailed me, and says she's going to give me more than a stare, and said I've lost lots of pounds this week (lbs, weigh in..etc, get it?!).
It must be a newer version than I thought as this one is an Acer Aspire 5613zwlmi and it's still in it's box at the moment. My studio order also came today as well, suppose I should have a look at that too, lol. Justin then had two parcels delivered around lunch time, it's been like Piccadilly here today! Darryl's phone turned up at 2pm.

Well I've been fiddling with this laptop all day. I installed the Sims 2 and 5 more expansion packs to go with it, also my beloved Paint Shop Pro 9, so I'm now happy. I also transferred my Floral CD stuff to this laptop as well. I LOVE this laptop!!! I'm quite liking Vista as well... after a few tweaks anyway. I love the sidebar for all the little gadgets. I have a UK radio gadget, the calendar and an analogue clock, and the weather for Huntingdon. That will do for now.

Darryl is at dads helping him learn how to save a document and open it up again and write to it again. He also changed dads gadget radio to the one I've now got.

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