Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Paula "n" Me

Paula, who I met online from her joining my card group, came over today with her lovely hubby, Mark. We had good chat, and put men in their place a few times, lol, coz Mark needed it. Love ya really Mark!!
I did laugh, and I really wish I'd said something anti men to Mark at the time, but I didn't... he forgot to make sure the camera he had on him had the batteries in... actually, come to think of it, it was Paula that had the camera in her bag, well anyway, it was Mark's job to make sure that she'd got batteries! TUT! LOL!
I wish Paula lived closer, it's no good Paula, you'll have to move.

Darryl, Abby, and Matthew are in the garden playing with light sabres... then they're going to the cinema in the evening, no not Matthew as well, he's got to put up with me and Justin, lol.
We shall watch Hell's Kitchen after Matthews tucked up in bed, then probably Heroes as we didn't watch it last night.
I did watch part of a programme about how dirty can you get... it was disgusting, they showed a picture of an unwashed penis, OMG, I'm SO glad telly hasn't progressed to smelly vision yet. Me and Justin were tucking into crackers with pate at the time as well, lol.

In about an hour Justin will be home, ahhhhh... I love it when he's home from work, and I can snuggle up with him on the settee, lol, ok ok, I'll pass you a bucket!!

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