Friday, 21 September 2007


I was doing some of that last night. I was thinking about things that you remember from childhood.
My earliest memory is from when I was in my cot. I remember putting my leg through the bars and folding my leg round and pulling it back in through the bars a space later. I got stuck, lol, but I can remember thinking about actually doing it, then doing it. Another one of my earliest memories is where my mum was pushing me in my pushchair over the bridge from Godmanchester to Huntingdon and I had a clear blow up fish, it also had some spots on it I think. Well there was a big puff of wind and it blew over the railings and into the river below. Mum said "ahhh, he's gone back to his mum", lol. I loved that fish! A Christmas present that really sticks out in my mind is of a Papermate pen in a holder. The holder was just a plastic type ball that opened up like a mouth and was made to look like a frog head, so it was springy like he was opening and closing it's mouth, and I loved it. Another present that stands out is my Acorn Electron computer that I got when I was about 15 - I didn't think I was going to get it and was ecstatic when I did.

Me and Darryl have been to Tescos superstore with dad this morning. Dad has since emailed me, for practice more than anything.
Justin has emailed me during his lunch break. He says he is looking at computer parts because he wants to build us another main one. He built the one we have now but that was about 3 - 4 years ago now, so is out of date with most new software.

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