Friday, 14 September 2007

New internet connections...

Well dad's modem, tv, and phone have been installed... but he is not yet connected to the Internet, I'm going over in about half an hour to set it up for him. I've never done this before, but apparently it's simple. PAH! Nothing is simple when it's concerning computers behaving like they should be doing. I will, no doubt, report back later today.

I'm back!!
It took all afternoon because for some reason Internet Explorer refused to open on dads machine, so I restored it to yesterday, then it was fine. But that had taken me a couple of hours to sort that out, then I had to register the modem online and set up emails for dad. Dad picked up Matthew on his own as I needed to phone tech support again. I also booked a tv engineer out to fix the telly. It kept saying that his card was invalid!!
Managed to get dad to send an email to me, and reply to one from Darryl. He also used IE and went to a bookmark that I'd done for him, and also searched on the Yahoo search page. He didn't do too bad really. I installed a classical music gadget onto his desktop and he used that as well.
I'm now tired again, lol... am cooking dinner and can't wait for my bath!!!

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