Monday, 17 September 2007


Yep you've guessed it, I've gone and ordered one... If Ally gives me "the stare" on Saturday, then I know she'll of read this post... but you got to be proud too Ally... they sent me a new credit card today, and I cut it up... after Justin handed me the scissors, lol. The laptop is an Acer Aspire 5612 and to be delivered within 3 weeks... I hate waiting!! But I'll be able to play my Sims 2 games on it!! Unlike the laptop I currently have.

Work was ok again on Sunday. Cheryl wasn't as hang-overed as she was the day before. We had a slight disagreement over lager and beer - she just loves winding me up she says. We had our weigh in!! Cheryl put ON 2lbs and I stayed the same. So that was good, lol. Better luck next week Cheryl.

I've been to dads again today and turned off the click function on the touch pad, so now he has to use the left click button instead - he was opening all sorts of things before I changed it. I had a lovely boiled bacon roll for lunch, then dad brought me home around 12.30pm. Just before we left I got a text from Justin. I laughed out loud coz he'd called me his chocolate sponge cake, Dad thought that was funny and asked if that's what he calls me ... no, he calls me something different every day!!

It turned really cold this afternoon, and I wore my coat for the first time in ages picking Matthew up from school. Matthew watched Tracy Beaker after school, and some Shaun the Sheep episodes we'd "Sky plussed". He's now playing Fusion Frenzy on the xbox. Darryl is at work until 8.30pm. He's having my old laptop - he says so he can be on his PS3 upstairs and also be on Bebo too! Otherwise he has to come down here and use the main computer, so he's happy now...

We watched Hell's Kitchen, and the winner was Barry McGuigan. I didn't mind who won out of the final two. Adele from Emmerdale was the runner up. I shall miss it now it's finished!!

Earlier I had a go with my Sims 2 game tonight, first time in ages. I have the seasons expansion pack so there was a light scattering of snow on the ground. When it was time for Matthew's bath I left the game running and didn't check it at all. We came downstairs around 45 minutes later to find the woman in an urn, the man on the floor dead, the grim reaper on the bed, daughter screaming, two dogs howling and cat meowing... the adoption agency then came to take away the daughter, and the animals were removed to an animal rescue centre. I'm so glad I didn't have to save that ending, lol. Cheating? Hmmm... well I don't normally, but thought I would this time.

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