Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Sports Day and DS update.

Good morning!
Well the DS finally arrived this morning after contacting their Customer Services two days ago. I don't know what happened to the original one, but I'm happy that I have a replacement now.
Sports Day was great yesterday, sunny and hot! Matthew was in the red team - hence red top! Sports Day consists of lots of mini games on the field which each child competes in. They get a ticket after their turn to say in which place they finished and then take that to the people who are adding up the scores for each team. The reds won! They won last year as well. Matthew had a great time and it was good that his dad had the day off work to see him as well.
When we picked up Matthew from school we went to Homebase and got a few plants for our tubs in the garden, and some more bark to go underneath our garden swing. We didn't attempt any gardening until after dinner at night when it had cooled down a little bit. I need two more tubs and more compost! I shall have to go into town and buy some more...

Justin got the details through the post about his weekend at Silverstone for the British Grand Prix - he got them last week but I forgot to mention it. Anyway... he has an overnight stay in a hotel that you would have thought would have been somewhere near Northampton... well you'd be wrong. The hotel is in Wolverhampton! How mad is that??? It would be nearer for him to come home for the night!

OH! I often mention Cheryl in here as I work with her at the weekends. Well at 2.30am this morning she became a grandmother to a little boy called Leo, weighing in at 7lbs 12oz. Congratulations!! Wooohooooooooooo.

Here are some photos from Sports Day, see Myrt (Marion), I do read my comments in my blog under the posts!!

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  1.'re quick with the pictures - fantastic. My goodness Matthew is getting tall. I noticed he was chatting with a cute little girl in the first pic - (lol). Great pics Roz and looks like he had a nice day.

    Glad the DS finally arrived and congrats to your friend becoming a 'grandma'.


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