Thursday, 3 July 2008

Blimey! I made a scrapbook page!!

Below are some crafty things I made. The two cards were for Cheryl and her son and daughter in law. I made them about two years ago, I knew they'd come in handy!!! The one on the left is for her son, and the one on the right is for Cheryl and her husband congratulating them on becoming grandparents.

The following scrapbook page I made this morning!! Wooohooooo! It's been an age since I last made a scrapbook page! Anyway, this is a page of us waiting for our coach to take us to Disneyland Paris on December 15th 2006! I used my new Cricut Expressions machine to make the arrow thingies, the Mickey heads and the little journalling box. The colours are a bit strange, but I didn't want to go too Disney or too bright on a page about getting on a coach... it's definitely brighter though than it appears here, and it's also got two strips of yellow wobbly lines across the top and bottom now.

Other news!
DAD has only gone and booked next years holiday. This time he's off to Austria! He'll come back with clogs on and yodelling... at least I think that's Austria, or is that Switzerland???

Matthew had to be at school this morning at 8.30am. We walked to school with Justin who then went off to work. Matthew and his year are singing at Hinchingbrooke school, it is the one that I went to as a teenager. There are over 500 children singing at this music festival. He was singing some of the songs this morning, You Lift Me Up... Run Rabbit Run... one about pack up your something or other in your old kit bag etc... and that's all I can remember and he's singing eleven different songs. Tomorrow he is going on a day trip to Upware near Ely for an environmental kind of thing... got to buy him new wellies later today coz his are too tight he told me.

Aha! Bron (friend from Oz in my card group) just informed me that the song is... Pack up your troubles in your old kit bag and smile, smile, smile... Thanks Bron!

And here is another page... this time on board the Sea France ferry Ronin in the dark. I used crystal laquers to go over the text and swirly wave thingies to glaze and lift them.

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