Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Oh dear.... poor Tilda!!!!

Oh dear...
On the post below is the pink card that I made last night... something is missing and I only saw that this morning, lol. Can you see what it is??

This morning I've been busy painting another Tilda, her teddy, and the bench... I looked up and realised that I'd put the paintbrush not in the water, but in my lovely mug of tea!!

Matthew has been playing outside all morning since 8.30am with a new friend. I'm not sure of his name yet and neither is Matthew coz he is Polish. I'll have to ask him later. He lives in our street just across the road (Dad, I think it was his families blue bin (wink wink!)). They have been charging round the street with toy guns and swords. They have played baseball and football... but had to put a stop to that coz they hit a car with the ball. They moved around to the back where the garages are, but Matthew fell and hit his elbow, so they gave up football altogether now. They're having fun running around, and are not bored... so that's good.

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