Thursday, 10 July 2008

Our dog Abby...

Yes, that beautiful Golden Retriever that I posted a photo up of the other day is now in the vets. She has been off her food these past couple of days and drinking gallons of water, so weeing alot too! The vet is going to give her an ultrasound, but it's looking suspiciously like Pyometra... now for followers of my blog, you'll know that the other dog, Sophie, also had this in March this year. What's the chance of two dogs having the same disease in the same year???? So that's another £600 to find!!!
I was looking at a photo on the vets info tv thing of all of the staff they employ... and I was thinking that if they didn't employ all those people my vet bill would be cheaper, lol.
Abby is a daft dog, I don't think she has gone past the age of 6 months. She was even laying on the floor with the vet wanting her belly rubbed. There was a white Golden Retriever (is that right???) brought in, and she didn't like him. She barked at him.
Well... I'll sit here and wait for the vet to phone...

11.47am update.
Abby is now being taken to theatre - she does have Pyometra.

15.45 update.
The total bill is £675!!
When the vet phoned me earlier he said that to keep the bill down by £60 he wasn't going to give Abby any blood tests like Sophie had... so how come the bill is £112 more than Sophies???? They would of also given Sophie her Addison's meds as well! I suppose all the staff will of had a payrise in April... that must be why.

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  1. aw....poor Abby ..... I'm glad she is okay, Roz. Imagine having two dogs with the same problem! They become one of the family so we do everything to keep them well. She looks like a loveable dog - give her a big hug for me, I love dogs!


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