Monday, 30 June 2008

Ok, so... the DS............................ STILL not here. I managed to find a phone number to the company today and phoned them. They told me that it was definitely dispatched and I should have had it last week. He then sent me an email, and it was so funny coz that didn't turn up either!! I had to phone him up again and he laughed coz I hadn't received it, then he emailed me again. It was a form that I needed to print, sign it, then scan it, then resend it back to him. He said that he thinks there was a problem with the Post Office at their end. He is also going to try and trace it, but that was another problem - there was no tracking number! So, he's sending me out another one either today or tomorrow.
Matthew has now got my new DS, the Crimson and black one, and I shall have the Cobalt blue one when it finally arrives.

Today has been a lovely hot day, and it's going to be hotter tomorrow. It's Matthew's school sports day tomorrow and Justin has the day off for it. Matthew said he's nervous, lol. He was ok once he got started last year. I shall take the camera and get some photos. We very rarely use the video camera as it plays up so much, we should really...

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  1. ..hey's it going? I'm waiting to see the pics of Matthew's Sports Day. Hope he had a good time.


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