Friday, 11 July 2008

Abby update.

I picked up Abby at 11.40am, and they'd managed to add another £24 to the total by that time. She was happy to see me but looking very sorry for herself. Sophie was glad to see her, and Abby was happy to see her toy! She was glad to be home.
She is tired, but doesn't seem to be able to lay down with this collar on...
I winked at Abby, and she winked back... so I did it again, and so did she!!!!!!!!!!! LOL! She's more human than I thought!

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  1. Hi Roz.

    Just found your blog via Paula's Pondering. So Sorry you have a poorly retriever. I love these dogs. Unfortunately mine - SAM - died about two years ago aged thirteen. I have a shih tzu now, but have such a soft spot for golden retrievers. I also live in cambridgeshire. Oh yeh...and I love your layouts.

    Love Debbie xx


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