Monday, 21 July 2008

Hellooooo fellow nutters!

Well today the sun actually shone! It was still very windy, but nice and warm nevertheless.
Dad how is your cold (chest infection!)??
I've been crocheting blankets again, this time I made a blue and black one for a girl at work, and I'm now making a black and pink one for Darryl's girlfriend Abby. I'm also TRYING to cross stitch as well... I've still not started the tigers on black aida yet though... but I will!!!!!
I made a card today for this months swap on the group. It was a die cut swap but can't mention anymore as she will probably read about it here. Oh, talking about the group... my friend Paula bought a shed a few weeks back, click on Paula's link on the right hand side of the page and have a look what it transformed into! She is SO lucky and I'm SO jealous... She's coming over again next month, so I'll get round Mark to donate one to me too, lol.

Here are some stunning ATC's that I received from Barb in Florida. They are even more gorgeous in the "flesh".

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