Friday, 4 July 2008

Just two photos.

The photo of the garden gate was taken yesterday evening and I liked it because of the shadows on the gate and it's rustic kind of look. Click on the photos for a larger size.

This photo of Abby was taken with my 200mm zoom lens about an hour ago. I love this photo of her!

Justin had today off work so that he has a long weekend. He's off to Silverstone for the British Grand Prix tomorrow. I have no idea what me and Matthew will be doing, but Darryl is working and then out at night to a party.
Went to Tesco's this morning with Darryl and dad, Justin stayed behind just in case my camera lens turned up, which it did! I had great fun with it when I attached it to the camera. It's quite a bit heavier than the kit lens.
Justin has got a game for his Playstation 3 called Buzz. It's brilliant! You each have a controller with different coloured panels on it and play an interactive quiz, sooo funny! You can play it online as well.
Matthew had his day trip to Upware today. His coach was just getting into school as we turned up to get him. He said he had a great time pond dipping and looking at dead animals, lol, what he meant by that last bit I have no idea. I don't know if he meant they were stuffed or something!
It's been a wonderful sunny and hot day here again today and should be roughly the same here tomorrow as well... but light rain is forecast for Silverstone.

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