Friday, 2 May 2008

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That's right, it's my dad's birthday today. He had a fun morning with me and Darryl in the Tesco's Extra superstore, and now should be watching the snooker, as I am. Ronnie is winning 11 - 4!! Playing Stephen Hendry. I feel sorry for Hendry... oh well, chin up eh?!

I've gone and dyed my hair. I'm dark again now, I prefer it dark... until I get the urge to go blond again anyway.

Not done much to speak of... crocheted a little bit more of Cheryl's bag, and it should be finished over the weekend. I could get it done today, but I can't be bothered to pick it up.

Darryl went to his dads last night. Me, Justin, and Matthew sat up the table and played Pay Day, Justin won. Then we played a Doctor Who game - it's similar to Frustration, and really is a frustrating game too. You have a Dalek trying to land on your space as well, which sends your character piece back to it's starting position. You have three pieces to play, and it's not unusual for one player to be almost finished, and all of your pieces to still be at the start!!!
Matthew also wants to play Cluedo. I love that game, but never win. Justin always wins.

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