Tuesday, 6 May 2008

A pic of the crocheted bag

I know it looks a bit strange, but it is quite nice in the flesh. The white circles are roses. The bag is quite big and the strap long enough to go on your shoulder. I also made Cheryl a little drawstring bag to go inside, lol. Ok, so that's the bag done, now I have the blue/black blanket to make for Albert, a pink and black one for Abby, followed by a dusky pink one for Merce... then I AM going to have a rest from them.

Cambridge United are playing Burton Albion again tonight. The winner gets to play at Wembley to see if they can go up a league. Cambridge are winning at the moment with 3 minutes to go...

I had a nice day today, even though most of it was spent on my own. I went into town after taking Matthew to school and the most exciting thing I bought was some Lenor Summer Breeze softener. I sat in the garden in the sun for a while and fell asleep, so I caught the sun a little bit. Darryl and Abby came about half one and sat in the garden for about half an hour. I picked up Matthew at 3.20pm and he played in the garden in his Bob House again.

Cambridge are ............................. going to Wembley!

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