Saturday, 17 May 2008

Delayed Devotion

No that's not a cryptic clue, it's just the title of the song I'm listening to by, you've guessed it, DUFFY!! I managed to get the album on my ipod.

Work today... well not a lot happened!! Justin always says I think it's boring when we don't get ambulances rushing in or someone in a lot of pain. I think he's right!!! Hahahaha! Not that I wish pain and suffering on anyone, but it does liven up the day a bit. We have a meeting tomorrow morning, so no doubt that will inspire me to nod off.
I had a laugh with Cheryl this afternoon, we spend most of the time being sarcastic. We've both been dieting and she lost 1lb this week and I lost 2lbs. I've lost a grand total of 5... I must keep it up.

Justin and Matthew are off to Wembley tomorrow with Brendan and his son too. They are going on the 10.50am train and will be home around 9.30pm. I hope Cambridge win... or there will be no speaking in this house tomorrow night. Darryl said he'll have dinner at his dad's, so after around 5.30pm I shall be on my tod!

Loved Doctor Who tonight, it was a period one with Agatha Christie. I've loved all of the author ones they've made. We also watched Britain's Got Talent, not much talent on there tonight, but I did like Flava at the end. We will also watch Britain's Got More Talent over on ITV2 later tonight.

I have found out that the Dire Straits Telegraph Road that is listed on my Playlist, is actually, Prairie Wedding, Mark Knopfler!! I love the song... and I thought it sounded different when I heard it in the pub the other day.
We're not watching Britain's Got More Talent, Justin is watching Pushing Daisies instead... I'll carry on on here then!!

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