Tuesday, 13 May 2008

The pond visit...

I'm glad I only had to go once! The bloke who's pond it is, Graham, hence Graham's Pond, looked like an Australian outback kind of guy, complete with a wide hat and dangly bits, he was a friendly sort of fella though. He told us about some bluebells that one half had grown in a lilac colour, and the other half in blue, strange.
The pond was constructed by Cambridge University. They wanted to find out what effects the pond life would have being built by a busy road.
One of the boys that I was looking after just wouldn't have it that you can't just net a lily pad. I told him umpteen times that he wasn't going to get it, that it was attached at the bottom of the pond. He kept getting it in the net, only to have it fall out when he moved the net, and he would keep on saying "that was close", lol. He's sweet really, but even the other kids were getting fed up with him. Then they found a floating coke bottle they all had to have a go at catching... I'm really not a patient woman.
Matthew was with his friend's dad, Sean's dad. Matthew said he caught a little curled up creature/insect and some sea weed, lol. They all had great fun.

I spent the afternoon adding more songs to the playlist. Tonight I've got a Malibu with lemonade and listened to my Lily Allen cd, we now have Justin's Manic Street Preachers on.

Dad used his bus pass for the first time yesterday, congratulations dad!! He needs one after paying £23 for a watch battery!

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  1. Hi Roz:
    Nice to hear from you on my "new" blog - still learning my way around it. Thanks for posting. My blog will never look like yours - you're a pro......miss ya too.
    Love, Marion


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