Monday, 5 May 2008

A few pics from today.

It's been a lovely sunny warm Bank Holiday Monday today. We were late getting up for a start - 9.45am!!! I NEVER get up that late!!!
Darryl went off to work at 11am, he's working until 7.30pm tonight. I gave him a couple of pounds so he could buy lunch at work. Justin, Matthew, and I went into town. We went round about 4 or 5 shops trying to get Matthew a new pair of shoes for school, and ended up back at the first one. How many times does that happen?! He also got a new pair of sunglasses. We got other normal things like bread and disinfectant.
When we got back we got the swing cushions out and the other garden chairs, and Matthew wanted his Bob the Builder house out - he hasn't had it out since last summer. The dogs played in the garden most of the day as well.
Matthew and I nipped back across the park to Iceland and picked up 2 x lollies, 1 pack of choc ices, and a tub of vanilla ice cream. Then back to the garden.
We watched some of the snooker final between Ronnie O'Sullivan and Ali Carter... it's not a good final really... Ronnie is running away with it. Oh yeah!! I found out yesterday that I know Joe Perry's mum!!! She's works next to A & E. Can't say too much can I?!
Justin also watched the Chelsea match on telly, and I washed and dried my hair. Then we had salad for tea.
Here's some photo's of today...

Matthew in his house!

Me and Matthew!

Justin in the sunshine.





  1. Hey Roz the photos are fabulous!! Love Matthew's sunglasses and he has quite the get-away with his little house there. Your hair is gorgeous!! Love the length and the color! How is Sophie doing Roz? I noticed a big ole smile on Abbey! Tell Justin he's a hunka hunka!! Yep! But then he's got a Cutie, Cutie, good match!! Its a shame Darryl was unable to spend this wonderful day with you.

  2. Hi Donna!!
    You always say nice things, you're such a sweetie!!
    We had a lovely day, even though it was just spent in the garden. Today I'm on my own, Justin's at work, Darryl's at work till midday, and Matthew's at school, lol.
    I'm loving all of your creations too!! I really want to get scrapping or cardmaking, but so much crocheting is sitting here... or at least all the balls of wool are!! LOL!


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