Sunday, 18 May 2008

............................they lost.

Oh dear... I was hoping that they would win; it would have been so amazing for Justin. I'm talking about Cambridge United playing Exeter at Wembley stadium - winner goes up into League football. Justin did send a text to say they inside Wembley and it was amazing, he sent a photo on the phone as well. Darryl and I were shouting at the telly, really yelling, Justin would have been proud! I didn't see the first 20 minutes as I was still at work and Darryl only saw the second half with me, then he left to go and see his step brother David, up his dad's house. Natasha (nurse on A & E), her husband also went today, and just 5 seats away from Matthew was his school friend, Harris! All those seats and they sit that close!

Work was a great laugh, including the meeting. Well infection control isn't that fascinating, so we had to make it funny, so we made a thing out of giving the wrong answers. After the meeting, we had to go and clean up an infectious cubicle. I don't want to say what the infection was, but deadly. I was very uncomfortable in there, first time I've felt like that in a cubicle. At the end of the day we were given two certificates for passing the infection control thing and we had our photos taken. A & E was so busy, all day long. They ran out of cubicles! "They" reckon we don't need an A & E here!

Since work it's just been football. Justin has just sent a text, doesn't sound very happy...

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