Friday, 9 May 2008

I'm allergic to the sun!

Well it feels like it anyway. I've got tiny itchy blisters on my arms and chest. I've got tiny red spots on my feet and lower shins. I nearly put chins!! I don't know why I'm laughing, chins is about right!!
I've been fiddling with those photos from yesterday again today, and I made some more of those ATC sized digital scrap pages to laminate. I need to print out one of them for the third time. First time I printed it on gloss and smudged it, second time I got blue ink on it from the plastic blade protector from my guillotine... third time lucky!

Other news, lol.
Our family railcard came today, saving money for Justin on the London tickets, then again when we go to Devon in August. That's about it, not much other news for today... went shopping with Dad in Tesco's this morning and I spent just over £3!!

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