Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Blankets... blankets...blankets...BLANKETS!

I handed over the lilac and fluffy white edged blanket today, and got a tenner for it. About an hour and a half later I got a call from Merce, the person who'd bought it, and she ordered another one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This time I have to make it in blue... well... I really should learn to say no, lol... I think I've got some black fluffy wool, so I could edge it with black, mmmm. I need to finish Cheryl's bag first before starting another blanket.

We have been watching the snooker, and I'm routing for Ronnie O'Sullivan. He's playing tonight, but my darling other half will have the football on, even though he does like snooker. After the football Justin will be playing his Grand Theft Auto IV game which came today. He and Darryl were tracking their parcels - they both ordered it for the PS3, Darryl got the all singing all dancing package, and Justin just bought the game. They were like a pair of kids thinking that they weren't going to be getting it today. Abby was here too, so she had to suffer most of the day too, lol.

Right, I need to hunt out this black fluffy wool... then I think I'll only have to buy one of those.

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