Friday, 2 May 2008

...and in the PM of the day...

I am here watching Justin shouting at the telly... Cambridge United are playing Burton Albion in the play offs... the score is 2 - 2 at the moment. Cambridge only just got their two goals.

Matthew is laying next to me on the settee, covered up in a crocheted blanket fast asleep. Darryl and Abby are upstairs. Abby just came down for a drink, but has now gone back up again. I've had a long soak in the bath, blow dried my hair, and given it a quick straighten, ready for work tomorrow. It will still take me half an hour in the bathroom in the morning fiddling with my make up and my hair. I'm up at 6am at the weekends, and I hate getting up that early, although by the time I'm in the bathroom, I'm normally looking forward to my cuppa tea. Matthew always gets up with me and then lays on the settee under a blanket again. He even gets up on a dark winters morning with me, he must be mad then.

I want to do some scrapbooking, but when I've finished Cheryl's bag I've got to do Albert's blanket, and then Abby's... and now Merce wants another one, lol, a dusky pink one!

Oh yeah, Ronnie is in the snooker final!! Yaaayyyy!!!

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