Sunday, 11 May 2008

Flipping heck

I have just spent the last hour and a half trying to get the playlist up above to work. It was driving me mental!! It didn't like being a normal html post, it had to go on the side panel first, then be moved across... oh well, done now.

It was hot in A & E today, I made sure all the cubicles were nice and cold though, lol, I turned the air conditioning to it's lowest setting, lovely! I had a laugh with Cheryl in the afternoon - we had to go and give out teas on an assessment ward, so funny, the teapot was so heavy we couldn't lift it and fell about laughing... much to the disgrace of one visitor.
I had a Penini for lunch, it was very tasty, but I only had it because it was half price. It was egg, bacon, sausage, and tomato, scrummy!

Dad stayed for dinner as usual on a Sunday. We didn't have a roast today though as it was too hot, we had chicken salad instead. Matthew had been in his pool again today. Not sure how much longer this hot weather is going to last though.

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