Friday, 16 May 2008

A bit of a wet week really!

It was last sunny on Tuesday, and has been wet ever since!
I've not done a lot this week. I've lived on my laptop mainly listening to the songs on my playlist. I am SO addicted to Duffy's song I'm Scared. (I'm just watching the news on ITV1 it has images on there from China and a school... every parents nightmare, terrible).
I've now got Duffy's album, Darryl went and fetched it for me today. I lent him the money and he's giving me it back next week when he gets paid. Plus, Justin ordered me an album by Cascada last night from, that should be here in a couple of months then! Is this riveting reading or what?!

I have to make a card tonight for a girl at work. She was chased last week down the ramp on her way home and he then followed her out into the car park and nipped through where our laundry gets picked up and got to the road in front of her. She hasn't been in to work this week, the bloke was arrested as the police turned up. I'm really not in the mood to make a card though... but I have to, after my bath.

I went out for a drink at lunchtime with an old friend. It was really nice to catch up, chill out, listen to music, and have a drink. The barman was a laugh too! A right nutter! 50p a song in the jukebox!

I made spaghetti bologneise for dinner tonight. I put some of the spaghetti into a saucepan and then got another packet out of the cupboard. I was trying to open it when the whole lot fell out the bottom all over the floor. So funny, couldn't stop laughing.

So there you go, here I am, it's Friday night. I don't like Friday's, work tomorrow.

Ok, so it's now almost 10pm. I had my bath, I got too hot so didn't spend too long wallowing in there like I used to do. I've been playing my new Duffy album since Darryl and Matthew finished watching Indiana Jones.
I made the card for Merce, below, and shall take it in tomorrow. I haven't got an envelope big enough though, but they must have one in the office at work. I made the card using set three on my cd that I really really do need to carry on working on... so tedious though!! I can't be doing with tedious at the moment...
Justin is playing Formula One and Matthew is getting ready for bed. Poor Duffy has had to be turned down coz Justin can't hear the sound effects on his game!! I'll have to play it in my laptop with my headphones in.

And now the time by my Acer laptop is 22.23.. I'm about to rip the Duffy cd (non techies out there, what I mean is I'm going to copy the cd and then put it on me pod, I'm not going to stomp on it or anything sinister like that...msn is too quiet tonight...)

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